Focused Electrode Leak Location(FELL)

Electro Scanning Inspection

Electro Scanning Inspection is a next-generation smart technology platform that provides an impartial and unbiased pipe condition assessment that automatically locates, measures, and estimates defect flows in Liters per Second (l/s) or Gallons per Minute (GPM).

Electro Scan is a new breed of highly precise, unambiguous, and repeatable technologies capable of locating all openings in a pipe, including their location, size, and estimated gallons per minute defect flow rate, without third-party data interpretation or operator judgment. By testing pipes before and after rehabilitation, customers can determine an estimated flow reduction.


  • Find Minor & Major Defects Missed by CCTV Inspection.
  • Locate Infiltrations & and get an estimate of their LPS and LPD.
  • Better informed decision making for planned rehabilitation works.
  • Certify CIPP Lining & Point Repairs.
  • Identify Sources of Infiltration after Rehabilitation.
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