Cured In Place Pipe(CIPP)

Pipe Rehabilitation using Cured-In-Placed-Pipe (CIPP) UV-Liner System

The Berolina-Liner is a resin-impregnated tube that is fed through a manhole into the pipe to be renovated. The liner is cured in place thereby sealing the pipe against leakage. In addition, the Berolina-Liner structurally reinforces the piping system. This process avoids the need for extensive excavation and only a marginal, short-term

Disturbance of the infrastructure around the rehabilitation site is necessary. The energy requirement for production, transport and installation of the liner is extremely small in comparison with traditional procedures. Compared to competing systems, the Berolina-Liner System is noted for a markedly reduced CO2 emission during installation and the curing process.

The unique tube structure is integrated to the outstanding quality and versatile applicability of the Berolina-Liner System.

The Berolina-Liner consists of corrosion-resistant fiberglass complexes and/or polyester felts impregnated with high-grade polyester resin or vinyl ester resin which are arranged in an overlapping and displaced manner in relation to each other.

With its variable stretching property, the seamlessly produced Berolina-Liner fits optimally into any profile, especially circular and oval profiles of diameters between 150 mm and 1,500 mm (6”- 60”). Cross-section transitions or profile transitions pose no problems for the Berolina-Liner.

The continuous fibre orientation in the circumference direction optimizes the power flow without impairing the stretching.

The fiberglass arranged along the lengthwise direction of the Berolina-Liner enables the absorption of all draw-in forces occurring during the liner installation. Only slight wall thicknesses are necessary due to the best mechanical parameters.

Through these, cross-section loss is reduced to a minimum following the pipe rehabilitation. BKP produces the Berolina-Liner with a protective inner film and a UV-proof outer film. The Berolina-Liners are delivered wet-out and ready to install, guaranteed and usable without loss of quality up to 6 months at normal room temperature.

BKP Berolina Liner System is approved by the Abu Dhabi Sewerages Services Company as a material for rehabilitation system.

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