CCTV inspection

CCTV inspection

Closed circuit television inspection (CCTV) is one of the most effective methods to identify the defects, locate the infiltration and determine the suitable rehabilitation method.

IAC Emirates uses a variety of inspection cameras depending on the size of the pipe. The Equipment to be used includes push rod cameras to high-resolution, pan and tilt, self-propelled colour cameras with zoom capabilities.

CCTV Pipe Inspection uses very intelligent and versatile underground CCTV cameras to detect problems in your pipes. The cameras used in CCTV pipe inspections can be fed into pipes all of sizes and then give a full 360-degree view.

CCTV Inspection is use to identify:

1) Structural defects
  • Deformation.
  • Displaced Joints.
  • Surface damage such as spalling.
  • Broken or collapsed portion of the pipe section.
  • 2) Defects related to the fabric of the pipe
  • Infiltrations.
  • Attached deposits such as fouling and encrustation.
  • Settled deposits such as sand, silt, rocks or gravel.
  • 3) Construction Features & Defects
  • Intruding objects such as intruding rubber gasket and steel rods.
  • Active Service Laterals.
  • Defective Point Repairs.
  • Sample CCTV Inspection Report

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