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As a President of International Aramoon Co.( IAC ), I assure the readers of IAC s commitment to the highest industry standards and continuous support of its clients beyond the project implementation. We have been established since 1990 with many projects completed that vouches for our continuous professional service to the industry.

Our vision is to contribute to both the water and wastewater network industries while adding to our expertise and lines of service. Our commitment is to the community and our clients to implement the industry best practices and comply with environmental, health and safety standards. Our immediate goal is to become the market leader in the Gulf States.

We have equipment and trained manpower on the ground, top experienced engineers and support of various international champions that cannot be found under one roof; we simply provide complete pipeline & network solutions. We have been doing this for 25 years in the region and understand its harsh climate and local requirements more than anyone.

I look forward to serving you.
Sincerely & best regards

Eng. Faiz Al Elweet


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Saad Al Zahrani

General manager


Andreas Vetter

Operations Director


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FELL Inspection

NO-DIG Rehabilitation

Hydro Jetting

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Instead of 'readers' you might want to use the word 'customers' instead.

Chuck hansonElectroscan Inc

IACE introduced the Berolina Liner system into the Abu Dhabi market and got the Berolina-Liner accepted and listed on the ADSSC vendor list. Successful installations has been carried out in Abu Dhabi for various main contractors.

Borje PerssonBKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co.KG

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